* 產品呎吋備有2吋/3吋/4吋/6吋以供選擇 
Range of strainer from DN50 / DN80 / DN100 / DN150 

* 維修方便,只需將壓蓋拆下清走堵塞物即可
 Ease of maintenance by releasing cover and removing the blockage 

* 產品設計與嚴選的材質確保產品運作穩定及耐用
 Design and the materials selected give high strength for operation, and corrosion resistance for long life 

* 產品閥體以球鐵鑄造,鋼球由EPDM膠包住。所有球鐵材質均附有英 國WRAS認証的塗層,確保水質量可供人飲用 
Body is made from Ductile Iron and the ball is surrounded by EPDM. All iron parts are completely protected from rusting and corrosion both internally and externally by WRAS approved non-toxic epoxy coating

水紙編號 :  C20180247
到期日 : 07/2020