球鐵夾式靜音止回閥 (SS)


* 產品呎吋備有2吋/3吋/4吋/6吋以供選擇
Wafer Type Silent Check Valve with size DN50 / DN80 / DN100 & DN150

* 產品設計防止水流反向倒流,從而減少因倒流而引至的定期維護次數
It designed to prevent reverse flow and required no regular maintenance

* 此產品解決了經常出現於搖擺式止回閥的水鎚問題
It prevents the water hammer normally associated with swing type check valve shut-off

* 產品閥體以球鐵鑄造,中心壓碟、軸芯及支架為不銹鋼材質。所有球鐵材質 均附有英國WRAS認証的塗層,確保水質量可供人飲用
Body is made from Ductile Iron, the disc, the stem and the cover are made from Stainless Steel. All iron parts are completely protected from rusting and corrosion both internally and externally by WRAS approved non-toxic epoxy coating

水紙編號 : C20170773
到期日 : 07/2020