* 水箱蓋和水箱內的面板上有凹凸小粒設計,加大摩擦力,做到防滑目的。
Panels for tank covers and internal base are anti-skid designed with protruded studs on the top surfaces of the panels.

* 水箱設有一個600mm的人孔開口和一個小型通風口,確保水箱內氣壓正常。
Each tank provided a 600mm access manhole and a small air vent to maintain water at atmospheric pressure.

* 水箱由鋼筋支撐在外部或內部, 而面板接頭採用無毒PVC密封膠條防水。所有會 水接觸的內部鋼筋, 螺栓和螺母為不銹鋼,而不會與水接觸的則為熱浸法鍍鋅 型。
The tank is supported externally with Stainless Steel nolts and nuts and some huge tanks are internally with steel reinforcement. And non-toxic PVC sealant strips are supplied to panel joint for water tightness. Internal reinforcement, bolts and nuts shall be Stainless Steel type

* 根據水箱高度,水箱內部配以鋁梯,外部配以鍍鋅爬梯。
Internal aluminium ladder and external galvanised ladder are supplied according to tank height.

水 紙 編 號 : M20170007
到 期 日 : 3 March,2022

水 紙 編 號 : M20170007
到 期 日 : 3 March,2022

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